Personal Ad Business Card Video, 2008

Personal Ad Business Card, 2006-2009

From 2006-2009 I passed out this card to new people I met. It functioned as my official business card and a reminder of all my personal faults in regards to relationships. As time went on though many of the faults became not true, and the project officially ended in the fall of 2009. 

My intention with putting my personal information out there in such a public way was to start a conversation about how we choose to sell ourselves to others. By taking the format of a business card and combining it with what you wouldn't put in a personal ad I created not only a funny conversations starter but a work of art that would exist inside people's wallets and purses.

Reference Letters For Dating

These are all reference letters for why someone should date me. This piece was a sister piece to the business card.

I sent out form letters requesting friends and acquantinces to write me a letter, and then they send me 3 sealed copies. I'm not allowed to read or open the letters, simply collect them for a future art show.