ROFL Con, 2011 5ftx10ft

ROFL Con and participants.

Please Do Not Climb On The Sculpture, 2012 

Time Out Zone, 2011, 20x20"

Printed Participations: 

The printed projects below all feature interactions with the viewer. These works address social etiquette and societal norms as well as those of the art world.

Resist, 2011 18x24", construction paper, various colors

Resist, 2011 18x24", construction paper, various colors

Free Poster, 2011, 18 x 24", construction paper, various colors

Free Poster, 2011, 24 x 36", construction paper, various colors

Art Certificates

This work awards viewers for looking and interacting at artwork at galleries. They are meant to be playful and fun, poking fun at our interactions with art.

7 Second Award, 2009, 8 1/2x11"

Best Conversation Award, 2009, 8 1/2x11"

Quality Food Award, 2009, 8 1/2x11"