Grocery Store Checkout Divider, 2019
Fuse works Edition

Over the last year I've been working with Fuse Works to create an edition that builds on my Open Doors, Open Borders multiple from last year. This edition, takes the standard divider used in grocery stores around the US and turns it into a political object reading No Separation, Shared Area, Don't Divide and Make Space. 

The are 10 signed and numbered compete sets, and 15 of each of them individually for sale. 

Don’t Let Adulthood Corrupt You, 2018,

18x24” 4 color screen print.
Fresh Prints, Kayrock Screenprinting Edition
Edition of 156

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Open Doors, Open Borders, 2018

This multiple was created in response to the Trump administration travel ban. I found myself struggling with how to respond as an artist. This led to the Open Doors/Open Borders doorstop which says "Open Doors" on one side and "Open Borders" on the other. Through the gesture of simply propping open a door, this piece evokes a broader significance with regard to the ban.

Half of the proceeds of each sale are donated to Exodus Refugee in Indianapolis which works on resettling refugees in the state. This year, so far I've been able to donate $600.

White oak
6.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 Endless edition

Pay Me For My Art, 2018

Red text and Black border on Silver chipboard
Letter Press
Edition of 37

Made at Tribune Showprint

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Thanks, I'm Just Loitering Tote, 2018

Jumbo Tote
11-ounce 100% cotton canvas
- Extra long natural web handles, reinforced at stress points
- 5-inch bottom gusset
- 20 x 15 x 5

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