County Wandering with Graham Coreil-Allen

In County Wandering artist Graham Coreil-Allen lead participants into exploring and reimagining the urban and suburban space of Lee Highway, Courthouse and Columbia Pike in Arlington County, VA. These alternative walking tours took place on three Sundays, each beginning at a different location: Langston Brown Community Center (April 30), Courthouse Surface Parking Lot (May 7 / partnering with Jane’s Walk), and the Columbia Pike Farmers Market (May 21). All ages and abilities were invited to participate and help direct the route as we took turns sharing insights into the history, design and uses of everyday public spaces. This program was presented in partnership with Walk Arlington and Courthouse 2.0.

This program was created in my role as New Media Curator for Arlington Arts.

Graham Coreil-Allen leading us on a walking tour along Lee Highway. 

Graham Coreil-Allen talking to us about how to be a radical pedestrian. 

Community member addressing the history of Halls Hill in Arlington, VA. 

County Wandering was presented by Arlington Arts in partnership with Walk Arlington.